Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Calling All Book Bloggers! Special Collection Announcement and Cover Reveal Sign Ups!

So, this is about to happen... 

Special Collection Announcement & Cover Reveal Sign-Up
Coming February 11th:
LOSING IT: A Collection of V-Cards
20 bestselling authors reveal what went on behind the curtain of your favorite YA novels

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We are releasing a 20 author collection titled LOSING IT on February 11th, 2105 with all new, EXCLUSIVE content.

These will be scenes--all based on previously published YA novels--that pick up where we so tortuously left off when our YA novel's love scene ended, was interrupted, or happened "off screen." A look at what went on after we faded to dark.

I am taking a scene from the Funeral Crashing series and this February I'm blowing the door wide open on it! Will it be Kait and Ethan? Ariel and Troy? Suzie and Kyle? Things are about to heat up!  

A hot collection requires a hot cover and we've got one designed by KILA Designs. The Sign-Up form is now up. We'd love to have book bloggers join in the January 14th Cover Reveal sign-up and help show off this exclusive collection.

Sign up below to be a part of the Cover Reveal!  

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